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James Sprunt Community College is a service-oriented college that responds to the needs of Duplin and surrounding counties by enabling a diverse population to attain their personal, academic and career goals.

Alphabetical Directory

NAME EMAIL  TITLE Phone 910-296-Extension #
Judy W. Allen /jscc-directory Housekeeping Supervisor 2575
Riley Barwick /jscc-directory Practical Nursing Education Instructor 2454
Emily S. Bass /jscc-directory Sr. Admin Assist. to VP of Administrative and Fiscal Services 2440
Isaac C. Batchelor /jscc-directory Continuing Education Law Enforcement Instructor 1918
Eleisa H. Bennett /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2412
Francis J. Bennett /jscc-directory Early Childhood Education Instructor 1293
April Best /jscc-directory Instructor: Computer Information Technology 2553
Nick Bhattacharya /jscc-directory Biology Instructor 2492
William Thomas Blizzard /jscc-directory HVAC/Mechanical/Maintenance Assistant II 2575
Brandy Boone       /jscc-directory     Receptionist 2400
Barbara Y. Brown /jscc-directory Practical Nurse Education Instructor 2457
Casey O. Brown /jscc-directory Welding Technology Instructor (Evening) 2569
Jese Brown /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of Curriculum Services 2421
Geraldine S. Bryant /jscc-directory Basic Technical Skills Instructor 2478
Pinda R. Byrd /jscc-directory Computer Information Technology Instructor 2550
William (Bill) G. Canuette, Jr. /jscc-directory Director of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 2449
DeAnn Carlton /jscc-directory Employment and Payroll Specialist 2410
Angelia C. Carr-Grady /jscc-directory Medical Assisting Instructor 2565
Felita C. Carr /jscc-directory Outreach Advisor, Talent Search Project 1286
Andy B. Cavenaugh /jscc-directory Department Head of General Education 2480
Marion Jeanine Cavenaugh /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of College Advancement 2417
Patricia Chaffin /jscc-directory Instructor - Developmental Studies (English) 2204
Tonda S. Clowney /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of Student Services 2504
Bradford L. Coats /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Basic Law Enforcement Training 2533
Fostina L. Cooper /jscc-directory Physical Education Instructor 2540
Katena M. Coor /jscc-directory Administrative and Academic Computer Systems Assistant 2422
Rachel A. Crumpler /jscc-directory Basic Skills Teaching Assistant 2027
Amber Dail /jscc-directory Instructor - Advertising and Graphic Design 2568
June A. Davis /jscc-directory Vice President of Curriculum Services 2424
Teresa S. Davis /jscc-directory Commercial Kitchen Technician 910-293-2001
Cynthia Delafuente /jscc-directory Instructor Developmental Mathematics 2024
John Derbyshire /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator in Developmental Education 2484
Roszena S. Devione-Bivens /jscc-directory Educational Talent Search Director 2508
Stephanie Drake /jscc-directory Director of Customized Training 910-293-4188
Deborah A. Edwards /jscc-directory Distance Learning Technician 2517/1226
Wanda H. Edwards /jscc-directory Assistant Registrar 1116
Robin J. English /jscc-directory Basic General Education Instructor 2489
Candice Faison /jscc-directory Outreach Advisor: Educational Talent Search 6214
Melvin L. Felton, Jr. /jscc-directory Special Needs Advisor Student Support Services 2447
Jia Feng /jscc-directory Mathematics Instructor 2564
Amber Ferrell /jscc-directory Counselor 2506
Eddie B. Ford, Jr. /jscc-directory Special Populations Instructor 2026
Cheryl Futrell /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Pamela C. Futrell /jscc-directory Coordinator Benefits and Data Management 2411
Lashima N. Glaspie /jscc-directory Continuing Education Registrar 6517
Judith C. Gordon /jscc-directory Reading/Education Instructor 2563
Ashley D. Graham /jscc-directory   School Age Education Instructor 1740
Jennifer F. Hardison /jscc-directory Business Administration Instructor 1393
John C. Hardison, III /jscc-directory Vice President of Administrative and Fiscal Services 2433
Carol J. Hatcher /jscc-directory Basic Skills Teaching Assistant 2491
Norma Jean Hatcher /jscc-directory Research and Accreditation Associate 2443
Toni Murphy-Henderson /jscc-directory   Coordinator of Purchasing, Equipment and Construction 2438
Winbric (Bric) Henderson /jscc-directory Administrative and Academic Computer Systems Assistant 2439
Gail S. Henry /jscc-directory Associate Vice President of Management Information Systems 2436
Deboria W. Hill /jscc-directory Program Counselor Student Support Services 1058
Kenneth Hill /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Sherry C. Hinkle /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2452
Roger (Rocky) L. Howard /jscc-directory Building/Maintenance Assistant I 2575
Lisa E. Humphrey /jscc-directory Library Assistant 2476
Marsha R. Hunter /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2459
Star W. Jackson /jscc-directory Applied Animal Science Technology Instructor 2538
Vanessa L. James /jscc-directory Cosmetology Instructor 2599
Christy Jeffers /jscc-directory WIA Case Manager 1478
Takeisha Jennette /jscc-directory Coordinator, Basic Skills 2467
Nelson G. Johnson /jscc-directory Criminal Justice Technology Instructor 2535
Beverly Jones /jscc-directory Accounting Assistant Business Office 2434
Christopher B. (Brian) Jones /jscc-directory Director of Student Support Services and Upward Bound Programs 2445
Scott Justice /jscc-directory Fire Technician 2520
Nfassory Kake /jscc-directory Math Skills Advisor Student Support Services 1256
Unita Knight /jscc-directory Vice President of Continuing Education 2464
Arthur Kornegay /jscc-directory Director of Physical Facilities 2575
Jerry Lane /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Heather L. Lanier /jscc-directory Director of Distance Learning 1334/2517
Tana Lanier /jscc-directory Instructor Cosmetology (Evening) 2599
Rachel A. Lapoint /jscc-directory Biology Instructor 2537
Velma B. Leavens /jscc-directory Basic Skills Instructor 2025
Susan R. Long /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator Associate Degree Nursing 1217
Lindsay Maitland /jscc-directory Instructor: Psychology 1870
Randy Marion /jscc-directory Colleague System Administrator 6153
Debbie Martin /jscc-directory Director of Human Resources 1429
Patsy McCoy /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator Barber School 2047
Mary Elizabeth McIntosh /jscc-directory Career Planning Counselor 6003
Betty Merritt /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2455
Jonathan Merritt /jscc-directory Instructor-Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology 1246
Theresa S. Meza /jscc-directory Accounting Instructor 2534
Kelly S. Mical /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant: Student Services 2500
Mary B. Mical /jscc-directory Adminsitrative Assistant: Health Education 2451
William D.  Miller /jscc-directory Student Success Center/Just Ask Tech Support, Coordinator 2495
Latasha M. Moore /jscc-directory Controller 2432
Sholanda Moore /jscc-directory Financial Aid Assistant 2087
Pamela R. Morgan /jscc-directory Academic Skills Advisor Student Support Services 2427
Jeffery L. Myers /jscc-directory Department Head Vocational/Technical Education 2531
Colleen W. Newkirk /jscc-directory Recruiter/Student Activities Advisor 2507
Patricia P. Norris /jscc-directory Registrar 2501
Patricia L. Owens-Sharpe /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant to Continuing Education 1801
Krisha Parker /jscc-directory Early College Liaison 2076
Walter Phipps /jscc-directory Law Enforcement Instructor 1918
John C. Preusser /jscc-directory History Instructor 2483
Princess H. Raines /jscc-directory Coordinator Upward Bound Program 2448
Wanda J. Ramsey /jscc-directory Curriculum Services Associate 2425
William A. (Anthony) Ramsey /jscc-directory Welding Technology Instructor 2571
Tara C. Rich /jscc-directory Department Head Health Education 2450
Becke Roughton /jscc-directory Creative Writing, Fine Arts, English Instructor 2486
Lawrence L. Rouse /jscc-directory President 2414
Christopher Sanderson /jscc-directory Building/Electrical/Maintenance Assistant II 2575
Gary R. Sessoms /jscc-directory Continuing Education Law Enforcement Instructor/Coordinator 1936
Derek Sharpe /jscc-directory Evening Assistant 2405
Stan Shockley /jscc-directory Network Administrator 6097
Mary Ann Simmons /jscc-directory English Instructor 2593
Kris'T F. Sloan /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant to General Education 2481
Donna Springfield /jscc-directory Senior Accountant Business Office 2413
Stephanie Stuart /jscc-directory Interim Senior Administrative Assistant to the President 2468
Dennis G. Sutton /jscc-directory Electrical Systems Technology Instructor and Viticulture and Enology Technology 2539
Jimmy T. Tate /jscc-directory Vice President of College Advancement and Human Resources 2416
Jeffrey L. Taylor /jscc-directory Computer Information Technology Instructor 1563
Erin D. Thigpen /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant Vocational/Technical Education 2532
James L. Thomas, Jr. /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator of Evening and Weekend Services 1974
Jorge Trujillo /jscc-directory Instructor: Foreign Language & Other Academic Discipline 1520
Patricia Underwood /jscc-directory Senior Administration Assistant- Vice President of Continuing Education 2080
Christine J. Vasica /jscc-directory Director of Librarian Services 2475
Tracy J. Ward /jscc-directory Director of Financial Aid 2503
Deborah D. Williams /jscc-directory Case Manager/WIA Adult 1478
Lee M. Williams /jscc-directory Pre-College Advisor, Upward Bound Program 1282
Lee Woodard /jscc-directory Director, Small Business Center 2431
Lydia R. Woodard /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant Student Support Services/Upward Bound Programs 2446
William L. Wrenn, IV /jscc-directory State, County and Institutional Budget Director 2046

Title IX - Sexual Misconduct: James Sprunt Community College is committed to providing and promoting an environment in which students can engage fully in the learning process. Incidents of sexual misconduct to include sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence will not be tolerated and should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator, Debbie Martin @ 910-296-1429 or email: If you wish to speak with a confidential source, you may contact the counselors in Student Services: Amber Ferrell @ 910-296-2506 or email: and Mary Elizabeth McIntosh @ 910-296-6003 or All reports will be confidential.

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