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James Sprunt Community College is a service-oriented college that responds to the needs of Duplin and surrounding counties by enabling a diverse population to attain their personal, academic and career goals.

Alphabetical Directory

NAME EMAIL  TITLE Phone 910-275-Extension #
Judy Allen /jscc-directory Housekeeping Supervisor 6139
Antron Anthony /jscc-directory Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives & Achievement Coach 6162
Marty Ball /jscc-directory Building/Electrical/Maintenance Assistant II 6137
Riley Barwick /jscc-directory Instructor - Practical Nurse Education 6279
Emily Bass /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assistant -VP of Administration & Fiscal Services 6121
Issac Batchelor /jscc-directory Instructor - Continuing Education Law Enforcement 6204
April Best /jscc-directory Instructor - Computer Information Technology 6301
Casey Brown /jscc-directory Instructor - Welding Technology 6304
Diane Brown /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Associate VP of Management Information Systems 6341
Jese Brown /jscc-directory Career & College Promise Liaison 6285
Geraldine Bryant /jscc-directory Instructor - Basic Technical Skills 6201
Christina Burchette /jscc-directory Instructor - Biology 6315
Pinda Byrd /jscc-directory Instructor - Computer Information Technology 6305
Bill Canuette /jscc-directory Grants Manager 6161
Andy Cavenaugh /jscc-directory Department Head - General Education 6312
Patricia Chaffin /jscc-directory Instructor - Developmental Studies - English 6316
Tonda Clowney /jscc-directory Sr. Administrative Assistant - Associate VP of Student Services 6361
Keisha Cooper /jscc-directory Sr. Accounting Assistant 6131
Katena Coor /jscc-directory IT Manager Technology Support 6343
Dianne Craft /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Educational Talent Search 6385
Amber Dail /jscc-directory Instructor - Advertising & Graphic Design 6303
June Davis /jscc-directory Executive Vice President 6252
Teresa Davis /jscc-directory Commercial Kitchen Technician 659-6000
Cindy Delafuente /jscc-directory Instructor - Developmental Studies - Mathematics 6324
John Derbyshire /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Developmental Education 6323
Roszena Devione-Bevins /jscc-directory Director of Student Support Services & Upward Bound Programs 6383
Thomas Dixon /jscc-directory Instructor - Physical Education 6326
Debbie Edwards /jscc-directory Distance Learning Technician 6260
Wanda Edwards /jscc-directory Admissions Specialist 6364
Robin English /jscc-directory Instructor - Basic General Education 6319
Amy Epley /jscc-directory Director of Customized Training 659-6010
Candice Faison /jscc-directory Director of Educational Talent Search 6384
Jia Feng /jscc-directory Instructor - Mathematics 6325
Amber Ferrell /jscc-directory Counselor/Disability Services 6368
Tammie Futreal /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Executive Vice President 6251
Lashima Glaspie /jscc-directory Registrar - Continuing Education 6193
Alexandra Goodell /jscc-directory Instructor - Biology 6314
Ashley Graham /jscc-directory Instructor - School Age Education 6317
Allyson Halso /jscc-directory College Receptionist 2400
Jennifer Hardison /jscc-directory Instructor - Business Education 6293
John Hardison, III /jscc-directory Vice President of Fiscal & Administrative Services 6122
Carol Hatcher /jscc-directory Teacher Assistant - Basic Skills 6196
Norma Jean Hatcher /jscc-directory Director of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 6163
James Hayes /jscc-directory Instructor - Mathematics 6308
Heather Hector /jscc-directory Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing 6276
Cheryl Hemric /jscc-directory Director of Marketing & Public Information 6170
Bric Henderson /jscc-directory Administrative & Academic Computer Systems Assistant 6345
Marsha Hicks /jscc-directory Outreach Advisor - Educational Talent Search 6380
Deboria Hill /jscc-directory Program Counselor - Student Support Services 6390
Kenneth Hill /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 6139
Sherry Hinkle /jscc-directory Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing 6273
Darryl Hinson /jscc-directory Instructor - Electrical Systems Technology 6299
Marilyn Howard /jscc-directory Human Resources Generalist 6182
Rocky Howard /jscc-directory Building/Maintenance Assistant I 6139
Ed Hudson /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - VoTech Education 6291
Lisa Humphrey /jscc-directory Library Assistant 6333
Rebekah Ivey /jscc-directory Career Development Liason 6394
Star Jackson /jscc-directory Instructor - Livestock & Poultry Technology/Animal Science 6297
Sharon Jarman /jscc-directory Colleague System Administrator 6344
Christy Jeffers /jscc-directory Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Dislocated Worker Case Manager 6373
Takeisha Jennette /jscc-directory Coordinator of Basic Skills 6198
Nelson Johnson /jscc-directory Instructor - Criminal Justice Technology 6296
Anthony Jones /jscc-directory Network Administrator 6346
Beverly Jones /jscc-directory Accounting Assistant 6133
Brian Jones /jscc-directory Associate Vice President of Student Services 6362
Scott Justice /jscc-directory Instructor - Fire Services Technology 6206
Nfassory Kake /jscc-directory Math Skills Advisor - Student Support Services 6387
Colleen Kehoe-Robinson /jscc-directory Librarian 6332
Tonya Kenan /jscc-directory Associate Director of Human Resources 6181
Kelsey Kennedy /jscc-directory Financial Aid Assistant 6379
Shaina Kennedy /jscc-directory Financial Aid Assistant 6375
Taylor Kennedy /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Student Services 6374
Heather Lanier /jscc-directory Director of Distance Learning 6261
Tana Lanier /jscc-directory Instructor - Cosmetology 6298
Tonya Layell /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Registrar - Student Services 6365
Leon Lewis /jscc-directory Associate Vice President of Information Technology 6342
Susan Long /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Associate Degree Nursing 6280
Carol Madigan /jscc-directory Academic Advisor - TRIO - Student Services 6392
Lindsay Maitland /jscc-directory Instructor - Psychology 6313
Hester Manley /jscc-directory 6165
Arletta Marshall /jscc-directory Senior Accounting Assistant - Cashier 6132
Debbie Martin /jscc-directory Director of Human Resources 6180
Amber Martinez /jscc-directory Single Stop Coordinator 6164
Patsy McCoy /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Barber School 6209
Mary Elizabeth McIntosh /jscc-directory Counselor - Career Planning 6367
Betty Merritt /jscc-directory Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing 6275
Theresa Meza /jscc-directory Instructor - Accounting 6300
Kelly Mical /jscc-directory Registrar - Student Services 6370
Mary Mical /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Health Education 6271
William Dean Miller /jscc-directory Student Success Center/Just ask Tech Support Coordinator 6401
Sholanda Moore /jscc-directory Financial Aid Assistant 6378
LaTasha Moore /jscc-directory Controller 6127
Pam Morgan /jscc-directory Academic Skills Advisor - Student Support Services Program 6391
Crystal Morris /jscc-directory Senior Administrative Assistant - Vice President of College Advancement 6151
Beverly Mott /jscc-directory 6194
Toni Murphy-Henderson /jscc-directory Director of Purchasing, Equipment, & Construction 6126
Phadra Murray /jscc-directory Instructor - Associate Degree Nursing 6277
Jeffrey Myers /jscc-directory Department Head - Vocational/Technical Education 6292
Crystal Norris /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Basic Skills 6199
Patricia Owens /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Continuing Education 6195
Krisha Parker /jscc-directory Early College Liason 6255
Walter Phipps /jscc-directory Instructor - Law Enforcement 6205
John Preusser /jscc-directory Instructor - History 6321
Anthony Ramsey /jscc-directory Instructor - Welding Technology 6304
Tara Rich /jscc-directory Department Head - Health Education 6272
Lawrence Rouse /jscc-directory President 6112
Derek Sharpe /jscc-directory Evening Assistant 6267
Rhonda Sholar /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Human Resources 6183
Mary Ann Simmons /jscc-directory Instructor - English 6320
Kris’T Sloan /jscc-directory Instructor - Early Childhood 6318
Eric Small /jscc-directory Coordinator - Upward Bound 6386
Eric Southerland /jscc-directory 6309
Donna Springfield /jscc-directory Foundation Services Coordinator 6166
Jennie Stroud /jscc-directory 6197
Stephanie Stuart /jscc-directory Executive Administrative Assistant to the President 6111
Dennis Sutton /jscc-directory Comprehensive Facilities Director 6137
Jeffrey Taylor /jscc-directory Instructor - Computer Information Technology 6294
Erin Thigpen /jscc-directory Instructor - Office Systems Technology/Office Administration 6302
Tammy Thigpen /jscc-directory 6203
Anthony Thomas /jscc-directory Interim Associate VP of Continuing Education 6191
James Thomas /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Evening & Weekend Services 6265
Jorge Trujillo /jscc-directory Instructor - Foreign Language/Other Academic Discipline 6322
Stan Turbeville /jscc-directory Vice President of College Advancement & Human Resources 6152
Patricia Underwood /jscc-directory Senior Administrative Assistant - Vice President of Continuing Education 6192
Christine Vasica /jscc-directory 6331
Tracy Ward /jscc-directory Director of Financial Aid 6376
Sandra Waters /jscc-directory Interim Bookstore Manager 6130
Ashley Weeks /jscc-directory Instructor - Practical Nurse Education 6278
Jonathan Whatley /jscc-directory Instructor - Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technology 6041
Brian Whitfield /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - EMS 6207
Anita Whitman /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - General Education 6311
Richard Whitman /jscc-directory Director of Public Safety 6174
Deborah Williams /jscc-directory Case Manager - Workforce Investment Act 6372
Lee Williams /jscc-directory Pre-College Advisor - Upward Bound 6388
Lee Woodard /jscc-directory Director of Small Business Center 6202
Lydia Woodard /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant - Student Support Services & Upward Bound 6382
Will Wrenn /jscc-directory Associate Vice President of Fiscal Services 6125

Title IX - Sexual Misconduct: James Sprunt Community College is committed to providing and promoting an environment in which students can engage fully in the learning process. Incidents of sexual misconduct to include sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence, and dating violence will not be tolerated and should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator, Debbie Martin @ 910-296-1429 or email: If you wish to speak with a confidential source, you may contact the counselors in Student Services: Amber Ferrell @ 910-296-2506 or email: and Mary Elizabeth McIntosh @ 910-296-6003 or All reports will be confidential.

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