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James Sprunt Community College is a service-oriented college that responds to the needs of Duplin and surrounding counties by enabling a diverse population to attain their personal, academic and career goals.

Alphabetical Directory

NAME EMAIL  TITLE Phone 910-296-Extension #
Judy W. Allen /jscc-directory Housekeeping Supervisor 2575
Riley Barwick /jscc-directory Practical Nursing Education Instructor 2454
Emily S. Bass /jscc-directory Sr. Admin Assist. to VP of Administrative and Fiscal Services 2440
Isaac C. Batchelor /jscc-directory Continuing Education Law Enforcement Instructor 1918
Eleisa H. Bennett /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2412
Francis J. Bennett /jscc-directory Early Childhood Education Instructor 1293
April Best /jscc-directory Instructor: Computer Information Technology 2553
Nick Bhattacharya /jscc-directory Biology Instructor 2492
William Thomas Blizzard /jscc-directory HVAC/Mechanical/Maintenance Assistant II 2575
Brandy Boone       /jscc-directory     Receptionist 2400
Barbara Y. Brown /jscc-directory Practical Nurse Education Instructor 2457
Casey O. Brown /jscc-directory Welding Technology Instructor (Evening) 2569
Jese Brown /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of Curriculum Services 2421
Geraldine S. Bryant /jscc-directory Basic Technical Skills Instructor 2478
Pinda R. Byrd /jscc-directory Computer Information Technology Instructor 2550
William (Bill) G. Canuette, Jr. /jscc-directory Director of Research, Planning & Institutional Effectiveness 2449
DeAnn Carlton /jscc-directory Employment and Payroll Specialist 2410
Angelia C. Carr-Grady /jscc-directory Medical Assisting Instructor 2565
Felita C. Carr /jscc-directory Outreach Advisor, Talent Search Project 1286
Andy B. Cavenaugh /jscc-directory Department Head of General Education 2480
Marion Jeanine Cavenaugh /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of College Advancement 2417
Patricia Chaffin /jscc-directory Instructor - Developmental Studies (English) 2204
Tonda S. Clowney /jscc-directory Sr. Admin. Assist. to VP of Student Services 2504
Bradford L. Coats /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator - Basic Law Enforcement Training 2533
Fostina L. Cooper /jscc-directory Physical Education Instructor 2540
Katena M. Coor /jscc-directory Administrative and Academic Computer Systems Assistant 2422
Rachel A. Crumpler /jscc-directory Basic Skills Teaching Assistant 2027
Amber Dail /jscc-directory Instructor - Advertising and Graphic Design 2568
June A. Davis /jscc-directory Vice President of Curriculum Services 2424
Teresa S. Davis /jscc-directory Commercial Kitchen Technician 910-293-2001
Cynthia Delafuente /jscc-directory Instructor Developmental Mathematics 2024
John Derbyshire /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator in Developmental Education 2484
Roszena S. Devione-Bivens /jscc-directory Educational Talent Search Director 2508
Stephanie Drake /jscc-directory Director of Customized Training 910-293-4188
Deborah A. Edwards /jscc-directory Distance Learning Technician 2517/1226
Wanda H. Edwards /jscc-directory Assistant Registrar 1116
Robin J. English /jscc-directory Basic General Education Instructor 2489
Candice Faison /jscc-directory Outreach Advisor: Educational Talent Search 6214
Melvin L. Felton, Jr. /jscc-directory Special Needs Advisor Student Support Services 2447
Jia Feng /jscc-directory Mathematics Instructor 2564
Amber Ferrell /jscc-directory Counselor 2506
Eddie B. Ford, Jr. /jscc-directory Special Populations Instructor 2026
Cheryl Futrell /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Pamela C. Futrell /jscc-directory Coordinator Benefits and Data Management 2411
Lashima N. Glaspie /jscc-directory Continuing Education Registrar 6517
Judith C. Gordon /jscc-directory Reading/Education Instructor 2563
Ashley D. Graham /jscc-directory   School Age Education Instructor 1740
Jennifer F. Hardison /jscc-directory Business Administration Instructor 1393
John C. Hardison, III /jscc-directory Vice President of Administrative and Fiscal Services 2433
Carol J. Hatcher /jscc-directory Basic Skills Teaching Assistant 2491
Norma Jean Hatcher /jscc-directory Research and Accreditation Associate 2443
Toni Murphy-Henderson /jscc-directory   Coordinator of Purchasing, Equipment and Construction 2438
Winbric (Bric) Henderson /jscc-directory Administrative and Academic Computer Systems Assistant 2439
Gail S. Henry /jscc-directory Associate Vice President of Management Information Systems 2436
Deboria W. Hill /jscc-directory Program Counselor Student Support Services 1058
Kenneth Hill /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Sherry C. Hinkle /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2452
Roger (Rocky) L. Howard /jscc-directory Building/Maintenance Assistant I 2575
Lisa E. Humphrey /jscc-directory Library Assistant 2476
Marsha R. Hunter /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2459
Star W. Jackson /jscc-directory Applied Animal Science Technology Instructor 2538
Vanessa L. James /jscc-directory Cosmetology Instructor 2599
Christy Jeffers /jscc-directory WIA Case Manager 1478
Takeisha Jennette /jscc-directory Coordinator, Basic Skills 2467
Nelson G. Johnson /jscc-directory Criminal Justice Technology Instructor 2535
Beverly Jones /jscc-directory Accounting Assistant Business Office 2434
Christopher B. (Brian) Jones /jscc-directory Director of Student Support Services and Upward Bound Programs 2445
Scott Justice /jscc-directory Fire Technician 2520
Nfassory Kake /jscc-directory Math Skills Advisor Student Support Services 1256
Unita Knight /jscc-directory Vice President of Continuing Education 2464
Arthur Kornegay /jscc-directory Director of Physical Facilities 2575
Jerry Lane /jscc-directory Night Custodian Assistant 2575
Heather L. Lanier /jscc-directory Director of Distance Learning 1334/2517
Tana Lanier /jscc-directory Instructor Cosmetology (Evening) 2599
Rachel A. Lapoint /jscc-directory Biology Instructor 2537
Velma B. Leavens /jscc-directory Basic Skills Instructor 2025
Susan R. Long /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator Associate Degree Nursing 1217
Lindsay Maitland /jscc-directory Instructor: Psychology 1870
Randy Marion /jscc-directory Colleague System Administrator 6153
Debbie Martin /jscc-directory Director of Human Resources 1429
Patsy McCoy /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator Barber School 2047
Mary Elizabeth McIntosh /jscc-directory Career Planning Counselor 6003
Betty Merritt /jscc-directory Associate Degree Nursing Instructor 2455
Jonathan Merritt /jscc-directory Instructor-Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology 1246
Theresa S. Meza /jscc-directory Accounting Instructor 2534
Kelly S. Mical /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant: Student Services 2500
Mary B. Mical /jscc-directory Adminsitrative Assistant: Health Education 2451
William D.  Miller /jscc-directory Student Success Center/Just Ask Tech Support, Coordinator 2495
Latasha M. Moore /jscc-directory Controller 2432
Sholanda Moore /jscc-directory Financial Aid Assistant 2087
Pamela R. Morgan /jscc-directory Academic Skills Advisor Student Support Services 2427
Jeffery L. Myers /jscc-directory Department Head Vocational/Technical Education 2531
Colleen W. Newkirk /jscc-directory Recruiter/Student Activities Advisor 2507
Patricia P. Norris /jscc-directory Registrar 2501
Patricia L. Owens-Sharpe /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant to Continuing Education 1801
Krisha Parker /jscc-directory Early College Liaison 2076
Walter Phipps /jscc-directory Law Enforcement Instructor 1918
John C. Preusser /jscc-directory History Instructor 2483
Princess H. Raines /jscc-directory Coordinator Upward Bound Program 2448
Wanda J. Ramsey /jscc-directory Curriculum Services Associate 2425
William A. (Anthony) Ramsey /jscc-directory Welding Technology Instructor 2571
Tara C. Rich /jscc-directory Department Head Health Education 2450
Becke Roughton /jscc-directory Creative Writing, Fine Arts, English Instructor 2486
Lawrence L. Rouse /jscc-directory President 2414
Christopher Sanderson /jscc-directory Building/Electrical/Maintenance Assistant II 2575
Gary R. Sessoms /jscc-directory Continuing Education Law Enforcement Instructor/Coordinator 1936
Derek Sharpe /jscc-directory Evening Assistant 2405
Stan Shockley /jscc-directory Network Administrator 6097
Mary Ann Simmons /jscc-directory English Instructor 2593
Kris'T F. Sloan /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant to General Education 2481
Donna Springfield /jscc-directory Senior Accountant Business Office 2413
Stephanie Stuart /jscc-directory Interim Senior Administrative Assistant to the President 2468
Dennis G. Sutton /jscc-directory Electrical Systems Technology Instructor and Viticulture and Enology Technology 2539
Jimmy T. Tate /jscc-directory Vice President of College Advancement and Human Resources 2416
Jeffrey L. Taylor /jscc-directory Computer Information Technology Instructor 1563
Erin D. Thigpen /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant Vocational/Technical Education 2532
James L. Thomas, Jr. /jscc-directory Instructor/Coordinator of Evening and Weekend Services 1974
Jorge Trujillo /jscc-directory Instructor: Foreign Language & Other Academic Discipline 1520
Patricia Underwood /jscc-directory Senior Administration Assistant- Vice President of Continuing Education 2080
Christine J. Vasica /jscc-directory Director of Librarian Services 2475
Tracy J. Ward /jscc-directory Director of Financial Aid 2503
Deborah D. Williams /jscc-directory Case Manager/WIA Adult 1478
Lee M. Williams /jscc-directory Pre-College Advisor, Upward Bound Program 1282
Lee Woodard /jscc-directory Director, Small Business Center 2431
Lydia R. Woodard /jscc-directory Administrative Assistant Student Support Services/Upward Bound Programs 2446
William L. Wrenn, IV /jscc-directory State, County and Institutional Budget Director 2046

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