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James Sprunt Community College is a service-oriented college that responds to the needs of Duplin and surrounding counties by enabling a diverse population to attain their personal, academic and career goals.


JSCC had adopted a competency-based approach to its educational programs, in which competencies expected of all graduates are agreed upon and defined and courses or experiences are designed to assist the student in becoming competent.

A student who graduates from JSCC will be:

  1. Competent in his/her program area of specialization.
  2. Competent to communicate effectively through writing, speaking, mathematics and in basic use of computers in his/her area of specialization.
  3. Competent to assess his/her skills and knowledge and use of such assessment as a basis for further growth.
  4. Competent to assess the values of American society and to function as a contributing member of that democracy.
  5. Competent to reason and analyze so that he/she may function effectively in his/her area of specialization as well as in the larger world.

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