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Subscribing to the philosophy of “life-long learning,” the Continuing Education Division offers a wide range of courses and programs for adults of all ages and interests.

Continuing Education Staff


Continuing Education Courses Fall 2014



Unita Knight , Vice President, Continuing Education

Patricia Underwood, Senior Administrative Assistant to the V.P.

Lashima Glaspie , CE Registrar

Patricia Owens , CE Administrative Assistant

Vacant, Coordinator/Instructor Allied Health

Vacant, Coordinator Community Services/Self Supporting

Taheshia B. Hobbs , Interim Director Workforce Development

Gary Sessoms , Interim Director Public Safety

Walter Phipps , Instructor DOC/Law Enforcement

Jennie Stroud , LE School Coordinator

Mary Kaylor, Interim Instructor/Coordinator EMS

Willard Justice, Interim Fire Service Technician

Patsy McCoy, Instructor/Coordinator Barber School

Stephanie Drake, Director Customized & Industrial Training Programs


Basic Skills

Stephanie Stuart , Interim Coordinator Basic Skills

Carol Hatcher , Assessment Specialist

Geraldine Bryant , Instructor Basic Skills

Rachel Crumpler, Teaching Assistant

Charles Pickett , Instructor Basic Skills

Velma Leavens , Instructor Basic Skills

Eddie Ford , Instructor Special Populations


Small Business Center

Vacant, Director SBC


Teresa Davis , Administrative Assistant SBC/Commerical Kitchen Technician

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